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big data

massive data processing to generate new opportunities

business analytics

extract relevant data to activate its value

data governance

methodology and support to better govern your business


the new frontier in the use of information

be matica

work with people that say «please» & «thanks»

[who we are]

[we are what we know]

we are business oriented and we know about Big Data, Analytics, Data Governance and Blockchain, our main focus 

[we are enthusiasm and creative thinking]

we have more or less years but young and promotes a new company model, participative and specialized, a partnership km0

[we are partners of talent]

we work with people with a very high level of specialization regardless of their location and working condition

[we are what we contribute]

we are knowledge and technological excellence, business oriented, confidence and security and a lot of common sense

[we are illusion, creative thinking and experience,
we are business oriented,
we are mática]

[and we know about]

[big data]

more than 7 years working in big data support us. our strengths: near real time processing, productive datalakes, analytical industrialization. not only programming, we are specialized consultants in helping our clients to define their big data initiatives, to supply and manage the necessary and sustainable resources, to develop the systems and to activate them for their running

[business analytics]

we cover the business analytics needs of our clients: machine learning, deep & reinforce learning, cognitive analytics & artificial intelligence, chatbots, everything from a business perspective, from industrialization environments, data visualization and the results activation model

[data governance]

we have our own methodology in the areas of data governance and p.m.o.. we differing 3 levels -strategic, tactical and operational-. our methodology allows to measure and know the contribution of the government process value and a project risks preventive management


we facilitate new models of distributed and safe work. we focus the model as the data distributed security layer in environments where we have a high knowledge, supplychain -control of manufacturing processes and components traceability-, distribution -information distributed in intercompany environments- and transport -incident management and multi-carrier tracking-.

[success stories]

[in financial services*]

«we have defined the data government model of several financial entities in spain together with their big data architecture, both batch and near real time. not only that, but we have helped them to integrate it with traditional business intelligence systems in an efficient way»

[in oil and gas*]

“we have created, in one of the main utility company in spain, both generation and demand forecasting models, operational intelligence processes through business analytics and visual analytics, as well as client segmentation and micro-segmentation projects”

[in retail and logistics*]

«we have worked hand in hand with a retail world leader to optimize their ecommerce processes, from the creation of simulators, development of route optimization, placement and picking algorithms, based on metaheuristics and deep learning models»

[in transport*]

“we have helped, in the area of public transport, to develop their big data roadmap, from the first pocs, to the running of their Hadoop cluster to finish with the development of the line of analytical projects and data processing initiatives”

* success stories are part of the founding partners personal experience. we are mática

[do you want to be mática?]
the 7 reasons to be

partnership km 0, the difference between working with and working for

all of us are part of it. have a piece of matica based on the value that you bring

what type of contract do you prefer? mática we make it possible

mática is a ecosystem of fulltime staff, freelances, 30 hours, part-time… tell us your needs and we will find a solution

create your own team work and link it to your results

in mática we believe that talent attracts talent, that’s why we directly reward the attraction and loyalty of talent

work wherever, with all the technological resources of an office

jira, slack, zoom, … in mática committed to social tools to work in a distributed manner but very close to all

training and formation, you decide and mática helps you to do it

choose how you want to evolve and define your plan with us. official courses and certificates, continuous and collaborative training and investment in each one of us

decide your way to achieve joint goals

we are obsessed of the productivity, to obtain results in the most comfortable way for each one of us. our program of tutors and mentors will help make this possible

works where and when you are most productive at any time

time flexibility, both in situ and remotely. variable workspace according to your individual needs

if you want to be mática send us your CV to bematica@maticapartners.com

Mática Partners, S.L.
Av. de Roma 13 - 15 Esc B Entr. 2º, 08029 BARCELONA, Spain
+34 931 526 391  / +34 669 833 367
@ info@maticapartners.com

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